There are many photo websites that cater to the average digital photographer that wishes to share, store and on occasion maybe order a print or two. As people share photos on those sites with one another the sites name (as most are very predominantly displayed) becomes familiar to the public. That drives more people to share on that site, increasing advertising revenues and sign-up fees for the site. That’s all fine and dandy, but you came here to get tips on MAKING MONEY and SELLING YOUR PHOTOS and PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS, not a photo sharing site…….. 

Some things to consider when looking for or changing your Professional Photo Selling Site…….

Look For : The primary focus of the website is to have professional photographers sell photos and photo products on the website.
Avoid :   Sites “Open to the Public” where terms,  products and COSTS (your costs) are available anytime to anyone(your customers)?

Look For:  A Complete System – Ordering Website and Full-Service Lab under the same roof, with experience working with professional photographers, fast order turn times. They can confidently fill orders for you so you can do your job better, shooting and marketing. Every minute you spend on photo production after the shoot is a cost to you, not profit.
Avoid : websites that partner or outsource to one or more labs (tip- they almost always have start-up fees so they are covered even if you don’t succeed in your selling) – can lead to order confusion, quality differences in the finished products, delayed orders and even billing your customers 2 -3 shipping charges on the same order!

LOOK For : A simple billing plan, cost of the product and commission fees, that’s it.
Avoid : Monthly/Yearly, Event, Image, Upload, Storage, Credit Card, Product Template and Per Order Fees. These always seem low, but when you get more jobs, shoot and upload more, and have more photos online.. your costs increase and your profits go down.  That’s not a good formula for success.

 LOOK For: A Photo Product Line that can cover ANY type of event from a wedding, youth sports league, or Pet Show — you don’t want to be looking for a different service for every shoot. 
Avoid : “Pigeon Holed” sites that cater only to one type of photography, in the decades that I have worked with photographers and asked what type of photography shoots they do —   9 of 10 say – the type that pay….   stay flexible and make sure the site you choose can provide you products that work for you.

Look For: The site must looks like it’s Yours, Your Logo, Your Name, Your phone and email, Your Pictures and Your Sales Your customers should think its Your Site and no one else.
Professional pricing at wholesale costs should be confidential between you and the online site.
Avoid : Co-Branded Sites where the hosting company’s name, logo or “powered by” appears on any page Your customer might see, or worse yet access to your prices. Why would you promote someone elses business with your photos without getting paid for it???

LOOK For: Fast photo handling and uploading software designed for hundreds or thousands of photos with watermarking protection. (1000 images per hour or better)
Avoid : Sites that are geared toward users that want to share 10-30 photos and 2-3 upload minutes per image with no watermarks is fast enough.
NEVER upload any Professional Photo you want to sell without a watermark on it!  A shoot of 500 photos (average professional event) would take about 16 hours, if the connection held up.
Imagine if you got your most profitable dream job of the year, to shoot a school district of 10,000 students (20-30k photos), a small sports league 250 teams with 20 shots per team(5000 photos), a cheer leading competition with 100 teams and 250 shots per routine each week for 6 weeks(25,000 photos per week, 150,000 total)  Your dream job could turn into a post-production nightmare, costing you instead of profits,  failing after days/weeks of upload time with the wrong system. Photos must be online and available to your customers within 1 hour to 48 hours at the longest! The main reason the one hour photo lab industry has a big hit can be summed up in one word : Anticipation

LOOK For : Your site and your customers, customers feel at home they are on your website. You build customer loyalty for your brand.
Avoid : Systems that allow your customers to search or access that systems list of photographers… do you want them to find a different photographer?

LOOK For : Free Marketing Tools and Experience, coupons, pre-paid certificates, email customer contact system, links and sample product programs.
 Avoid : Sites that do not have a vested interest in your success selling photos and taking orders. Are they just looking to boost their web traffic or get web hosting, upload, storage, monthly fees for their website?  If they do not have a sample program then check to see if they are just a site and not a full-service system. 

Some of these things might not seem important to you now, but someday answering these questions might have saved your online photo sales business.
An old business man I once knew back in East Texas said to me “Ya don’t want to be sittin there cleanin yer gun when a Buck walks up”
… hunting deer was the last thing on his mind. Do you homework now, plan for the future.

A few years back I needed a system that could provide my photo business the services I outlined above.
I found and have been working with ever since.

Designed by an established Photo Lab (1980) in conjunction with their Professional Photographer clients to sell photos online (started in 1996)

Simple pricing,  cost of the product produced and a commission fee on the NET. (commission on profits only, not gross sale!)

650+ products and growing, hundreds of free online templates, online photo editing and real time display of all products, shoot with any type of photography with the confidence that you will be able to offer products to meet and exceed their needs.

Your site with looks and feels to your customers like Your site, they think you own it! No co-branding or promoting your competition.

Coupons, Pre-Paid Vouchers, Bogo coupons, e-mail marketing system, social network links and the experience to guide, their only interest is helping you sell and get orders.

Professional software to upload up 1800 photos per hour (my original event I needed online was +-3000 images per night over a 2 week period, about 35,000 photos)

High consistent quality, fast turn times and all work done in their lab in house.

All the features a professional online photo sales business needs to flourish and grow, now and in the future…..
 Follow the link now – Don’t clean your gun when the buck walks up.

Contributed by Bill Kirkland


An organized marketing plan can save valuable implementation time, increase revenue, help you stay on-target and on budget.

Here are some suggested steps:

1.)   Identify your opportunities. 

Opportunities are markets in which you are currently trading or that you can use your talents and resources to grow into. Use a notepad to list these potential new openings and on-going venues. This will help you decide where and how to invest your marketing budget.  This step is vital to keep your business thriving throughout the year.

2.)   Protect your client base.

Develop a plan to reward your current customers. offers a no cost, risk free system called Buck$hots™.  Buck$hots™ coupons drive customers to your website and encourage purchases.

To learn more about Buck$hots™ click this link.

Your customer’s loyalty is the cornerstone of your business and serves as word-of-mouth advertising. Loyal clients build your brand in the community. Communicate with customers throughout the year using newsletters, email specials, charity events; any excuse to be a positive point of contact.

3.)   Innovate. Don’t rest on your laurels.

The world is changing, remember VHS?  Just because your successful today does not mean you will be successful in the future.  Your business needs to innovate to stay in the game. provides over 650 different products to accommodate any photographic venue and to help you stand out from the crowd.

This means you can offer products to clients they can’t get anywhere else. From weddings and Seniors to dog shows and baseball games, we are your resource. You can even offer multiple image products like composites, banners, album pages that your clients easily design using website tools.

To learn view our Price List click this link.


4.)   Set goals.


Make a list of possible goals for the upcoming season. Be careful to choose aspirations that you really want to achieve.


Now write out your goals in complete detail and with positive language. Don’t sell yourself short; make sure your goals are high enough.


Set up a time table and implement!

 ·   Skilled Marketing

 ·   Talent

 ·   The Ability to Offer Unique Products

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated. They want long lasting, brilliant prints with a different look. Canvas is a fast growing medium.

 The reasons for the high demand are pretty obvious when you see a skillfully made canvas print. The canvas texture reveals brilliant, saturated colors. The canvas can be mounted and displayed without being under glass, therefore not causing any unwanted reflections. There is also a perceived added value to selling and buying a canvas photograph compared to a print made on photographic paper.  customers can purchase Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints at very competitive prices:Normal turn-a-round is 4 days. Call us at 1-877-344-4829,  M-F 10am-4pm CST.**%20GALLERY%20WRAPPED%20CANVAS%20PRINTS%20** 

A good selection of photo products will help sell photos of events.

We have 680 photo-based products from which to select!

Using your clients can order any of dozens of personalized products from your photos online – such as trading cards and album prints.

Your clients are in control. They can choose their pictures, choose the graphics and enter their own text!All products are produced using the finest materials from respected companies like Kodak, Fuji and Epson.

To obtain complete products and pricing information please send us a request:

Some of the product categories available:

PRINTS – Wallets to 12×18
Linen Texture
Canvas Texture

LARGE PRINT SIZES – 16×20 to 40×60
Linen Texture
Canvas Texture
Panoramic Prints

Linen Texture
Canvas Texture

Gallery Wraps
Protective Coatings – Satin, Matte, Glossy
Stretcher Frames

Overlams – lamination
Custom Framing and Matting
Stock Frames
Gatorfoam® Mounting

Combine prints with digital files
Discounts for multiple images

SPORTS PRODUCTS for leagues or action shots
Trading Cards
Memory Mates
Photo Balls – BallStars
Award Plaques
Ticket Posters
Photo Cut-Outs
Photo Magnets
Magazine Covers
Banner Prints
Wall Pennants

Photo Puzzles
Photo Clocks
Picture Pens
Glass Coasters
Glass Ornaments
Pencil Cups
Key Hanger
Photo Pet Bowl
Pet Leashes
Beverage Mugs
Car Flags
Treasure Boxes
Tote Bags
Christmas Stockings
Life Crystals
Chroma Crystals

To obtain complete products and pricing information please send us a request:





Photographer’s ask us about marketing their events online. We recommend our Buck$hotscoupons.

helpful link:

Discounting example:

You are shooting a sports tournament with 100 people in attendance. You would like to motivate them to your site by offering $2.00 off the order. You log on to the web site as photographer and order (no up front costs) 1 global coupon $2.00. We e-mail you the coupon code. You print a flyer with the coupon code, event information and distribute them to the people at the event. We deduct the coupon as a discount.

Product offer example:

You are shooting a dog show with 100 people in attendance. You would like to motivate them to your site by offering a free 5×7 with a minimum purchase. You log on to the web site as photographer and order (no up front costs) 1 global coupon for a 5×7 product with a minimum purchase of $20.00. We e-mail you the coupon code. You print a flyer with the coupon code, event information and distribute them to the people at the event. We deduct the 5×7 coupon as a discount on the order.

Pre-sell example #1

You have shot the pictures and in your price you included $250 worth of prints from the website. Log into the web site as the photographer and order (no up front costs) 1 coupon for $250. We e-mail you the text file with the 1 – $250 coupon code. You print a nice “certificate” (coupon) with the code and the event information then give it to the client. Be sure to collect your states sales taxes when you sell, but do not include it in the coupon.

Pre-sell example #2

Your shooting posed photographs you want to collect the money up-front for the photographs. Log into the web site as the photographer and order (no up front costs) different dollar amount coupons for the retail price of the packages plus shipping for the packages. Be sure to collect your states sales taxes when you sell, but do not include it in the coupon value. When you sell the package at the event provide them a coupon with the code for that package. The orders are processed and shipped to the client with no further post-production needed on your part.

How the customer uses the coupon:

The client uses the web site in the normal fashion. On the checkout screen there is a place to enter a coupon. The client then enters the coupon code there.

How the transaction works for you:

If the transaction total is more than the Value then: (Discount Buck$hot)
The Buck$hots in deducted from the sale as a discount. If the Clients payment exceeds your cost there is no .50 fee for the Buck$hot and the order is handled in the usual manner.
If the transaction total equals the value then: (we must have your credit card on file)
We bill your credit card (on file) for the cost of the product and shipping and a .50 transaction fee (NO COMMISSION FEES!).

If the transaction total is less than the value then: (we must have your credit card on file)
It reports the remainder back to the client. (this can spur extra sales)
We bill your credit card (on file) for the cost of the product and shipping and a .50 transaction fee (NO COMMISSION FEES!).

How you get started with the program:

Review the Buck$hots ordering options
Log into the website as the photographer.
Click on the link in the menu bar “Manage Coupons”
Follow the instructions on the coupons Page
To use the as a pre-paid voucher you must log in the the website and enter your credit card information using the “Edit Client Info” link.